PocketGuru "Love" in form of Meditation

Prepare yourself for the best version of YOU!

You are invited to an inner journey

  • 60+ HD quality meditations & 70+ unique music designed for meditation
  • Professionally engineered frequencies for deep sleep
  • Customized meditations from various schools
  • Offline access to the unique collection of Meditations & Music


Do you long for deep and peaceful sleep? Now, YOU have the key!


He who knows himself, knows you, knows me, knows Him…Together we will embark on this journey. Are you ready?


Do you wish to illuminate the gifts that your worries can bring to you? Allow our meditations to be your guide…

Inner Peace

Peace of mind is your birthright. This is something no one can take from you! Begin the journey to becoming your most peaceful self.


Perhaps you have yet to realize the abundance that surrounds you. Recognize it’s presence and allow it flourish!


Let go of that which is not yours, and stress will no longer be your enemy… But how?

Best Version of You

Go Beyond The Self

Embrace this new consciousness united with the universe through music and healing frequencies.

Resolve The Crisis

Are you not satisfied with yourself? How about applying our mindfulness practice and observing your transformation?

Inner Transformation Begins

60+ HD quality meditations & 70+ unique music designed for meditation.

Experience The Healing Power Of Music

 Experience our relaxing melodies, sleep modules and powerful mantras to accompany you on your journey. Start now and become “The Most Peaceful YOU,” with our original music produced with Love.